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Agility is an amazing sport where the aim is for a handler to guide their dog around an obstacle course, with jumps, tunnels, A-Frames, Dog walk, seesaws and weaves. It involves skills for both dog and handler and requires a high level of teamwork and relationship.

Our 6week agility courses start from the very beginning of the agility journey. Teaching how to take jumps, run through tunnels and change direction as well as the rules of contact equipment.  All done with fun and safety at the centre of our teaching techniques.

Our courses build on each other and you can go through them at your own pace. If you and your dog have cracked all the exercises on Agility1, it’s time to go onto Agility2. However, if there was something you/they were struggling with you can repeat Agility1 – it’s not a race, it’s all about fun!

For safety reasons, our course is only open to dogs over 1year old that are fit and well.

Pay as you go over the summer – £15per class
20th July @ 10.30am
27th July @ 10.30am
3rd Aug @ 10.30am
24th Aug @ 10.30am
31st Aug @ 10.30am

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  1. ant_cronin

    Loved this course Rosie has improved so much

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