Canine obedience and trick training in Surrey and Sussex.

For dogs at all levels using positive reward based methods.


Best Pup Academy is a dog training school that supports you and your dog from before they arrive in your home through their whole lives. 

Using modern, effective and fun training techniques we can help with puppy training, getting through those tricky teenage months and onwards to specialist training for those that are keen to try Agility or Scent Work. 

At the Best Pup Academy we offer 1-2-1 training, group courses, workshops, online courses and love hosting guest instructors.

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Should I get a working breed Dog?

Should I get a working breed Dog?

When deciding on what breed of dog to get, there are many factors to take account of.
This is particularly true when you are considering a working breed, with their specific needs and wants.

Our Courses

Training courses

Our in-person training courses take place in our beautiful, secure field. Best Pup Academy offer puppy & adolescence courses, agility, scent work and more. We also offer workshops on topics such as Recall or Lead Walking if you need help with a specific behaviour.

Online courses

If you prefer to work at your own pace or live further away, our online courses are a great way to learn. Get lifetime access to our video courses. Short, easy to follow videos break down training exercises into stages to set you up for success.



"The support throughout the course and after has been amazing, we couldn't have asked for more! It's very reassuring to know if a new behaviour occurs I always have someone to go to."

Connie & Clive

"Best Pup Academy were a lifeline for me and my family ... Their advice was second to none, and helped me through some tricky and challenging times - especially having two puppies from the same litter. They were patient, friendly and had a fantastic set up."


"Helen really broke everything down into basics and there was plenty of time during the course to practice ... We've noticed a big improvement in Huxley's recall following the workshop."


"It’s been so much fun & Luna is a much happier & more confident dog. The bond I now have with Luna is unlike any other I’ve known. Luna & I can’t wait for agility class it really is the highlight of our week!"


"Helen and Toni are always supportive and provide plenty of understanding, guidance and advice. Both in person and with online resources ... The classes are always fun, and I am looking forward to continuing our training with Best Pup Academy. "

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