Our Graduates

We are so proud of our alumni: dogs and owners who have completed our obedience and trick training courses with full marks.

At Best Pup Academy, our graduates are our pride and Joy! We can’t stop smiling watching them learn and grow. Every dog that passes through our doors steals a bit of our hearts. From puppies to rescue dogs all dogs can learn and develop and it is an honour to celebrate each stage of their journey with them.

Learn a little more about some of our graduates who have done all their homework!!

Featured Graduates


Reactive Dog

The difference in her behaviour is phenomenal, and whilst we still have and will always have work to do with Pippin thanks to Toni & Helen we feel much better equipped and more confident to do so. Can’t say thank you enough.



I was amazed to see the rapid progress my dog Gertrude made after only a few sessions. … This is entirely down to the two lovely ladies that run it, Toni & Helen whose approachable and friendly attitude runs along side their knowledge, structure and professionalism that make this course so successful and SO MUCH FUN!!


Puppy School

Mabel very much enjoyed puppy class and was very excited to be there and meet new friends in a safe & friendly space. … Toni & Helen offered great suggestions & gentle, positive reinforcement to help calm & reassure my noisy puppy.


We may be biased, but our Alumni are just the cutest and best pups in town!

Our Courses

Training courses

Our in-person training courses take place in our beautiful, secure field. Best Pup Academy offer puppy & adolescence courses, agility, scent work and more. We also offer workshops on topics such as Recall or Lead Walking if you need help with a specific behaviour.

Online courses

If you prefer to work at your own pace or live further away, our online courses are a great way to learn. Get lifetime access to our video courses. Short, easy to follow videos break down training exercises into stages to set you up for success.

Email info@bestpupacademy.co.uk for more information

“Sedeo, Maneo, Biscoctum Capio.”