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Adolescence in dogs is a very tricky phase. It lasts for weeks or months depending on your dog. It is caused by rapid changes in their hormones and physical development. It is the most common age for dogs to be given up as now your dog has the energy of a puppy, the brain of a teenager and the size of a fully grown dog!

The selective hearing, lack of attention span, apparent “stubbornness”, risk taking, lack of self-control and the start of unwanted behaviours (e.g., resource guarding, chasing, etc) all mean that it is probably the most challenging phase in raising a dog.

In our 6week Adolescence Academy, we will give you the tools to help you survive – going back to basics and making sure that your dog really understands what you want, help you prevent unwanted behaviours becoming reinforced and give you games that will help to keep your relationship with your teenage dog on a positive track!

You will receive 6 classes, lifetime access to our video library on the learning platform and access to our private Facebook group where we can offer further support and advice.

Wednesday 24th July @ 7.15pm

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